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Which Watch Brands Might Increase In Value?

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Many watch collectors think of their watches as an investment, and they are. But which watch brands are most likely to increase in value? A recent article in WatchTime by Robert-Jan Broer says the short answer is simple: Rolex and Patek Philippe. There are, however, many variables. Exclusivity, availability and demand along with the style, age and heritage of each watch all can influence the long-term value of any watch.

There are many factors to think about when selecting your fine watch:

  • Do you have a favorite brand(s)?
  • Are you planning to wear your watch frequently? Some watches may be more resistant to daily wear and tear than others.
  • What is your personal style? Select watches that work well with your lifestyle and wardrobe.
  • Will you keep the watch for the long-term or interested in trading in frequently?

Whether you are just beginning your collection or adding to a well-established watch collection, I am happy to work with you to find the luxury watch that meets your expectations!

New or Pre-owned, Which Is Better?


There is no right or wrong answer.  While new offers the “never worn by anyone else” appeal,  and a new Rolex or other luxury watch can be a very sound investment. Pre-owned, however, allows you to select exactly the style you want at a lower price point.

Just like purchasing a used car, do your homework. Determine the model you prefer including metal and color, type of watch band and the price range you are looking for. Then contact a reputable dealer, like me, to discuss options.

My business has been successful for over 25 years because I offer my customers great customer service! That means extensive knowledge of all luxury watches and fair prices. Often I can source watches that have never been worn. And because I deal in all brands fine watches, I can find just what you want.

If you are interested in buying or selling a luxury watch, contact me. I’ll share all the information you will need to make a sound decision.



Caring For Your Watch


Owning a fine watch is a true pleasure. It reflects your personality and style, and makes a statement about who you are. Luxury watches are also an investment, and as such, owners need to take a bit of extra care with them. It takes only minutes to protect your watch and your investment. Here are my tips for caring for your luxury watch.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting your timepiece on or taking it off in the bathroom. Dropping the piece on tile or any hard surface can damage the watch face. Plus water damage can occur if the watch slips into the sink.

Create a specific spot where your watch can be removed, placed on a soft fabric or foam surface, and covered to protect from dust and dirt. A watch storage case is a great investment.

If your watch is waterproof, you can actually clean it as needed. A toothbrush with soft bristles and a drop or two of liquid detergent is all you need. Then rinse with clear water and allow to air dry. NOTE: Before cleaning a Rolex make sure to screw down all the crowns first.

Did you know the average watch has about 500 parts? Regular servicing by a trained professional can keep your fine watch running perfectly. Document the service record to support the watch’s value in case you want to sell.

Have questions about your watch? Call me at 614.371.7111.

For Sale: Pre-0wned Steel Rolex GMT II


This is a very nice little worn Steel Rolex GMT II with the new style Cerachrome blue/black “Batman” bezel. This little used GMT comes with the original box instructions and warranty card. A very nice watch. Current replacement at retail is $8,950.00.

Our price on this difficult to obtain watch is $8,650.00.

Note: Photo is for illustration purposes only. Please contact [email protected] to get photos and details for this specific watch.

For Sale: Pre-Owned Rolex Steel Submariner Date


A very nice unworn Rolex Steel Submariner Date with the original box, instructions and warranty card that is dated towards the end of 2015. As most subs are this one has a black bezel and dial. A hard to find watch. Current replacement at retail is $8550.00

Being offered at $7,950.00

Note: Photo is for illustration purposes only. Please contact [email protected] to get photos and details for this specific watch.